• Raise and maintain teacher pay to meet or exceed the Southern Regional Average
  • Give teachers and school systems more autonomy in the classroom and end over-reliance on standardized tests
  • Expand vocational, technical and apprenticeship programs to prepare students to enter the workforce
  • Exclude local school districts from the Industrial Tax Exemption Program to ensure that tax dollars are used for teaching and learning and that our schools are properly funded
  • Prioritize early childhood education by providing statewide universal Pre-K

Economic Opportunity

  • Reform our broken tax system so that it serves Louisiana’s working families and small businesses, not just corporate interests
  • Ensure equal pay for equal work by requiring wage transparency and ending the practice of retaliation for employees that ask about their wages
  • Ensure a living wage so that our economy can continue to grow. No one working full time should have to rely on public assistance to make ends meet
  • Prioritize the needs of small businesses which are the backbone of our economy


  • Medicaid Expansion has provided an additional 450,000 Louisianans with affordable health coverage while creating 19,000 new jobs. I’ll work with the Legislature and Governor Edwards to protect Medicaid Expansion
  • Expand access to mental health and addiction treatment services. Jails and prisons shouldn’t be the state’s largest provider of mental health treatment
  • Expand care options for Louisiana’s aging population so people have a choice to receive the care they need so that they can continue to live at home


  • In order to remain competitive, we need to make significant investments in our roads, bridges, water systems, and telecommunications infrastructure. 
  • Invest in renewable energy development to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels, create new high-paying jobs and diversify our state’s economy
  • Address inefficiencies in flood and drainage infrastructure
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