Lori Believes

As a lifelong educator, Lori knows that making sure our teachers are paid and treated like professionals is key if we are to provide a top notch education for our children. In addition to education, another important issue that must be addressed is infrastructure, Louisiana must have good roads, safe bridges, and clean water which are vital to our future if we are to attract and keep good paying jobs. We must also listen to the concerns and needs of our small businesses which are the heart of the Louisiana economy. To do this, revenue issues and fiscal security must also be tackled if we are going to keep and position our state as a great place to do business.

Lori is willing to work hard, questioning the “way it’s always been done” attitude that has plagued our state for years. She is ready to be a full-time state representative for District 71 and to ask questions, find solutions, and endeavor to help our state go from the bottom of every national list and rise to the top. We have amazing people, fantastic food, a rich heritage, and a wonderful way of life in Louisiana. Lori is ready to represent District 71, work towards a brighter future for our children, celebrate our unique culture, and ensure that we have the best educated people working in the best jobs in the best place to live, Louisiana.  It’s time to get to work!

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